Pennsylvania IADA (PIADA) and Maryland-Delaware IADA (formerly MDDEIADA) MERGED effective July 2015.

We now proudly serve ALL of our Member Dealers, Auctions, Industry Vendors, in the three MidAtlantic States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

We operate under one corporate entity, one Board of Directors, and one office of Staff persons, as three separate State chapters:

  • Pennsylvania Independent Automobile Dealers Association (PIADA),
  • Maryland Independent Automobile Dealers Association (MDIADA), and
  • Delaware Independent Automobile Dealers Association (DEIADA).

We utilize staff located in Harrisburg, PA as our central location.  We provide legislative advocacy / government relations representation, dealer education,  networking, and services and programs to benefit the dealers in our 3 respective States.  We also utilize economies of scale to make our representation more cost efficient across these States.

Services and Programs Provided by PIADA, MDIADA, DEIADA include: Dealer Service Center, Dealer Education Classes, Issuing Agent Education Classes, Audio Update and Education Presentations, Online Title Transfers, License Requirements Assistance and Filings, Forms Supplies, Surety Bonds and Insurance, Health Insurance Advice Access, Electronic Discount Book 2015 (with approximately $20,000 of discounts that can be used to offset membership fees  (and actually allow you to make money by being a member), Monthly PIADA Dealer News Magazine, Newsletters and Regulatory Updates, Legislative and Regulatory Solutions (including Robert Keaton and his colleagues at Bigley and Blikle, LLC for Pennsylvania), Scholarship Program for Sons & Daughters, the Mid-Atlantic Region Independent Automobile Dealer Associations (MARIADA) Fourth Annual MARIADA Convention and Education Conference on September 19 – 20, 2015 in Philadelphia, and Automatic Membership in the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA).

For More Information on the PIADA, MDIADA, DEIADA, check out our Member Benefits List.