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Representation of Our Industry at the State Legislature and Regulatory Agencies

Representation of Our Industry at the State Legislature and Regulatory Agencies – Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware Dealers and Vehicle Auctions are represented by PIADA, MDDEIADA, DEIADA. Due to our merger, we are in the process of securing lobbying representation and respective Political Action Committees (PAC) in Maryland and Delaware for Members of MDIADA and DEIADA. In Pennsylvania, PIADA has a hired lobbying firm, namely Robert C. Keaton, Senior Lobbyist, Bigley and Blikle LLC, to help protect our businesses from over-regulation, taxes, and to promote our industry.

Robert C. Keaton

Robert C. Keaton

PIADA has a PAC Fund that is used to support politicians who are supportive of our industry and are willing to hear and help us. The increased document preparation fee, revised motor vehicle finance statute, markups authorization, safety recall legislation input, are examples of positive results. And we continue to meet with legislators to obtain relief from the title and lien fee increases. We need Members to support these efforts and thank our Dealers for contributing to the PAC Fund and for making the grass roots calls and letters necessary for full advocacy for our industry. We win when we can and fight for your rights!

Federal Representation from the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association

Federal Representation from NIADA – By joining PIADA MDIADA DEIADA, you automatically become a member of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA). The primary role of NIADA is to provide federal lobbying representation to protect our industry in the U.S. Congress and at federal agency level including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Board of Directors that Understands and Pushes for Results on the Issues

Board of Directors that Understands and Pushes for Results on the Issues – Our Board is composed of top owners and operators of Independent Dealerships and Wholesale Vehicle Auctions in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and soon Delaware. They know the issues you need to have handled and are available to hear your industry thoughts and concerns.

Staff – Our Staff has several departments and administers programs to help dealers

Our Staff has several departments and administers programs to help dealers. These are described below.

Dealer Call Center

Call our Staff for specialized help with titles, agent issues, plates, applications, audits, enforcement, training classes.

Title and Messenger Service

We process title work and messenger the work on an expedited basis in Pennsylvania to PennDOT for our Dealership Members at a discount versus Nonmember work. We have secured cross-border title work for Pennsylvania and Maryland through PennDOT and Maryland MVA in 2015.

Legal Input

MidAtlantic Regional IADA have an attorney on staff who helps our Dealers with general discussion and ideas regarding legal issues but does not provide legal advice. The attorney directs and recommends Dealers toward attorneys they may hire as well.

Agent Training Classes for Title Work

MidAtlantic Regional IADA provides live training classes for Pennsylvania Agents of PennDOT and in 2015 is close to having new online training classes at your own pace from your computer location. PIADA provides this training at a discount versus Nonmember training.

Discount Book with Industry Discounts that Can Be Used to More than Cover the Annual Membership Fee

We have increased over the past few years up to our present level of $20,000 of Auction and Industry Vendor discounts on items Dealers need from top companies in the industry. Print select Electronic Coupons once per year per page that you need.

Dealer Operations and Compliance Education

PennDOT’s Act 152 mandatory issuing agent (t-tag) course is offered to MidAtlantic IADA members and their staffs at a discounted rate and at various locations throughout the state. Compliance and Audit preparation assistant, Redflags and Safe Guard rule training  is available to members.

Email Blasts and Newsletters

We send these to our Members when we add new content to the website or when an issue erupts. We want Members to have useful industry information on an updated basis. For our Members from different States, the Email Blasts will be tailored to the Dealers from the applicable respective State of PA, MD, DE. Sign up to get this mail.

MidAtlantic Region Independent Automobile Dealer Associations (MARIADA) Annual Convention

Our 4th annual MidAtlantic Region Independent Automobile Dealer Associations (MARIADA) Convention is September 19 – 20, 2015 at Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. We will have top Industry Speaker and Vendors there who are dedicated to helping you MAKE MONEY, SAVE MONEY, AND STAY IN REGULATORY COMPLIANCE. Network with Dealers. Market your Auction and Industy Vendor company, from Warranties and Service Contracts to Retail Finance, Floor Plan Finance, GPS, Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH), Collections, Sales Techniques, Website and Social Media Marketing, and More!

Scholarship Program for Sons & Daughters

Thanks to the Auctions of Pennsylvania for donating money for our annual MARIADA Scholarship Program. Dealership Sons & Daughters can apply for scholarship money for college or trade school. Get more information about the scholarships.

Verizon Wireless 8% Discount

This is available to all of our Members in Pennsylvania and we seeking expansion to Maryland and Delaware. (We just merged in July 2015, so we are working on it now.) Save money by joining MidAtlantic Regional IADA today!

Top Advisors in Health Insurance

We have partnered with the professionals from the DJB Group, the Keiser Group, and URL Insurance Group who are available to provide Members with health insurance advice, services, and policies. And if they think what you already have is really good, they are honest and will tell you so.

Surety Bonds Available

We have insurance agents licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, who can help you obtain Surety Bonds. Our affiliated insurance agency is called PIADA Insurance Agency Inc. We work with Kramer Insurance Agency as well.

Webinars and Audio Updates

From PennDOT, Maryland MVA, Delaware DMV forms handling to Health Insurance to Warranties, Service Contracts, and License Renewal information, we provide these services to our Members.

MidAtlantic Dealer News Magazine

We publish this magazine monthly for the Dealers in the FIVE STATES (PA-MD-DE-NJ-NY) that are all part of the original MidAtlantic Region Independent Automobile Dealer Associations (MARIADA) Convention. We mail paper copies to all Members of these Five States. The cover of the Magazines appears on our website. Nonmembers can obtain full paper copies at the Auctions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, subject to monthly limited supply. Or better yet, join PIADA, MDIADA, DEIADA to get paper copies delivered to your dealership by the U.S. Postal Service.

Forms for Sale that Dealers Need

We have government mandated PennDOT Secure Forms and Maryland MVA Secure Forms for sale to Dealers in those respective States. We sell other non-government forms as well, including PA Installment Sale Contract forms as reviewed and prepared by our PIADA outside counsel law firm. Members’ Substantial Discount applies.

Used Car News Magazine

Free for Members, delivered to your U.S. Postal Service mailbox in PA, MD, DE, in paper form – every two weeks.

State Quality Dealer of the Year Pride, Professionalism, and Marketing to Customers

Be part of our organization that selects a State Quality Dealer of the Year and puts him or her on the cover of our Magazine, promotes them for NIADA National Quality Dealer of the Year. Show your customers that your belief in excellence in doing business the right way includes being part of Your PIADA that celebrates excellence among our Dealership Members.

Marketing Bragging Rights to Your Customers

Tell your customers you are part of your State trade association. Wear the PIADA-MDIADA-DEIADA Label on Your Window. Market Your Professionalism to Your Customers by showing them you belong to your State’s Trade Association.

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