Board of Directors

The Members of the Board of Directors for the Three MidAtlantic States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware are listed below.

We operate as separate chapters utilizing the same staff, plus extra staff as needed on State specific issues.

We are the Pennsylvania Independent Automobile Dealers Association (PIADA), Maryland Independent Automobile Dealers Association, and Delaware Independent Automobile Dealers Association, all operating through the staff headquarters at MidAtlantic IADA.

We have 22 Board Members, 19 from PA, 3 from MD, and we will be adding Delaware Board members soon.

Our Board members generously volunteer their time and efforts to support and uphold the vehicle sales, finance, auction, and affiliated businesses that form the core of the independent dealerships industry in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

We are proud to introduce you to our Board Members and Officers for 2015 – 2016.