Special Announcements

pa-iconPIADA and Lobbyist continue to meet with Legislative Branch Senators, Representatives, and their Staffs to seek Inventory Cost Relief for Dealers and to protect Dealers from Excessive Regulatory Burden, among several other Legislative and Regulatory Issues.

pa-icon Pennsylvania and Maryland Dealers and Title Agents – Cross-border titling authority has been approved for Pennsylvania and Maryland title work by PennDOT and Maryland MVA. Watch for Cross-Border Title Training Announcements (PA-MD) so that your title work staffs can obtain training to process title work for the other State. We will let you know.

pa-iconPennsylvania Dealers – RENEW your Installment Seller and Sales Finance Company Licenses with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking online before the September 30, 2015 renewal deadline.

Maryland Dealers – Maryland Spot Delivery authority for dealers goes into effect October 1, 2015.

Delaware Dealers – Delaware title, lien, and temp tag fees go into effect October 1, 2015.

PAC Contributions: The PIADA’s Political Action Committee engages in fundraising and providing donations to support politicians who are supportive of our industry and are willing to hear and help us. Donations are welcomed and can be made at the PAC FUND CONTRIBUTIONS STORE section of this website. Our excellent government relations firm advocate for Pennsylvania is Bob Keaton, Bigley and Blikle LLC, Harrisburg, PA.

PIADA just merged with Maryland-Delaware IADA in July 2015 and we are preparing for Political Action Committees for Maryland and Delaware respectively. We will update this website accordingly.

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