Pennsylvania Resources

Our resources for Pennsylvania legislative, regulatory compliance, audits, finance, and more are in subpages and posts to this page. The 90 Day Calendar for Temporary Permits (for Pennsylvania Dealers) can be accessed here as well.

I.Pennsylvania State Resources:

The 2017 ISSUING AGENT TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULE for classes provided live by PIADA at partner member auctions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Regulators:

  1. Pennsylvania Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons
    Licenses dealers, salespersons, auctions, pursuant to the Pennsylvania Board of Vehicles Act.  Auditors from the Pennsylvania Department of State conduct audits / examinations periodically.
  2. Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities
    Licenses installment sellers, sales finance companies, and collector-repossessors pursuant to the Pennsylvania Consumer Credit Code.  Examiners from the Department of Banking conduct examinations of licensed dealer installment seller and sales finance company operations periodically.
  3. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Issues plates, temp tags, in transit tags, issuing agent contracts, secured power of attorney forms, other forms.
  4. Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Enforces against unfair and deceptive practices pursuant to the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.  The AG’s Office issues administrative subpoenas for documents from time to time, based on consumer complaints or other reasons.

II. Pennsylvania State Legislators – in the PA State House and the PA State Senate

III. Pennsylvania Laws Relevant To Dealerships And Auctions (coming soon).

IV. Federal Regulators, Laws, Resources

IV. Pa Audit / Examination Guidance (coming soon).

VI. Midatlantic Dealer News Magazine (paper and electronic copies mailed to Members; electronic copies available upon request to all Dealers and distributed at most Auctions in our States)

VII. PIADA Email Blasts (for Members)

VIII. PIADA Newsletters (for Members)

IX. Webinars-Dealer Education (for Members)

We work with PIADA partners at CoVideo and Final Focus Productions and self-create our Videos as well. Here is the list of Videos you may access.