PennDOT Publications and Documents

Many PennDOT documents are free. Others cost. Secure forms such as the PennDOT Secure Power of Attorney and other Dealer forms such as the installment sale contract, can be ordered directly from PIADA by calling 717.238.9002 or ordering Pennsylvania dealer forms online on this website.

Here is the List of PennDOT Form available online to Dealers, from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at PennDOT.

Also on this page is a list of publications and general frequently asked questions

Form Number Form Name
AA-600 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Driver’s Accident Report
FA-160 On-Line Messengers Counter Drawer Summary
MV-1L Application for Lessee Information
MV-1S School Bus/School Vehicle Use Application

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MV-2 Motor Home Certificate of Compliance for Van/Mini-Van Vehicles
MV-3 Motor Vehicle Verification of Fair Market Value by the Issuing Agent
MV-6 Application For Nonrepairable or Salvage Certificate
MV-6E Title Application for a Vehicle Which Was Erroneously Reported as Salvaged or Crushed
MV-6IS Insurer/Salvage Dealer Application for Certificate of Salvage Vehicles Currently Titled in Pennsylvania
MV-6SV Insurance Company Application for Certificate of Salvage for a Stolen Vehicle
MV-7 Salvage Dealer/Scrap Processor Business Report of Vehicles Considered Scrap Material and Not to Be Titled or Reconstructed
MV-8 Self Certification for Proof of Residency
MV-9 Compliance or Exemption For the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program
MV-11 Application for Permanent, Antique, Classic or Collectible Registration Plate
MV-11V Application to Display a Vintage Registration Plate
MV-13ST Affidavit of Gift
MV-14EV Application for Emergency Vehicle Registration Plate
MV-14MG Application for Municipal Government Registration Plate
MV-16 Application for Cancellation of Certificate of Title
MV-16A Application for Abandoned Manufactured Home Certificate of Title or Non-Repairable Certificate
MV-16T Self-Certification of Exemption From Tax Status Certificate When Transferring Ownership of a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home
MV-26 Watercraft Trailer Forfeiture
MV-26D Application for Disposal of Watercraft Trailer Forfeiture
MV-27 Dealer Assignment Covering a Vehicle Acquired and Held for Resale
MV-27A Weekly Notification of Dealer Acquisition Covering Vehicles Acquired for Resale from another Dealer or Manufacturer
MV-27B Weekly Notification of Dealer Acquisition Covering Vehicles Acquired for Resale from an Individual (Non-Dealer)
MV-37 Application for Lienholder Authorization to Participate in the Department’s Electronic Lien and Title System
MV-38A Authorization to Print Title and Release to Dealer/Owner at Dealer Auction
MV-38D Application for Duplicate Title by a Registered Dealer
MV-38O Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner
MV-38L Application for Duplicate Title or to Record, Renew, Remove a Lien or to Correct Lien Information by Lienholder
MV-39 Notification of Assignment/Correction of Vehicle Title Upon Death of Owner
MV-41 Application for Correction of Vehicle Record or Verification of Vehicle Identification Number
MV-41A Application for Correction or Change of Name
MV-44 Application for Duplicate Registration Card, Replacement of Registration Plate, Renewal Sticker or Weight Class Sticker
MV-63 Change of Address for Driver’s License, Photo ID and Vehicle Registration
MV-70S BMV Schedule of Fees
MV-73A Application for Renewal/Change and/or Replacement of Certificate of Authorization as Motor Vehicle Messenger Service
MV-73B Messenger and/or Agent service Employee Report for PennDOT
MV-77 Application for Farm Vehicle Registration Plate
MV-77A Application for Farm Vehicle 2-Year Certificate of Exemption
MV-91 Application for Replacement Plate after a Voluntary Surrender of Plate by Owner
MV-125 Discrepancy Correction Route Sheet
MV-140 Request for Registration Renewals
MV-140SV Application for Seasonal Vehicle Registration
MV-141 Returned Registration Plate
MV-145 Application for Person with a Disability or Hearing Impaired Registration Plate or a Person with a Disability Motorcycle Plate
MV-145A Person With Disability Parking Placard Application
MV-145V Application for Disabled Veteran, Severely Disabled Veteran Registration Plate or Severely Disabled Veteran Motorcycle Plate Decal
MV-150 Application for U.S. Military Service Registration Plate
MV-150C Application for U.S. Military Combat Registration Plate
MV-150PH Application for Pearl Harbor Survivor Registration Plate
MV-150V Application for U.S. Military Veteran Registration Plate
MV-161 Vehicle Inquiry Access Authorization (For Use By Authorized Messengers Only)
MV-162 Application for Unclaimed Registration Card, License Plate, Renewal Sticker, Weight Class Sticker, Certificate of Title or Certificate of Salvage ***FOR BONDED MESSENGER USE ONLY***
MV-164 Messenger Submittal/Rejection Sheet For Return Check Cases
MV-165 Application for a Vertical Motorcycle Registration Plate
MV-190 Commercial Implement of Husbandry or Implement of Husbandry Supplemental Application
MV-217 Application for Certificate of Title After Default By Owner
MV-217A Application for Certificate of Title By Financial Institution or Dealer After Default of Owner
MV-219 Application for Renewal of Certificate of Self Insurance
MV-220 Application for Certificate of Self Insurance
MV-221 Statement of Non-operation of Vehicles
MV-222 Application for Payment of Civil Penalty In Lieu of Registration Suspension
MV-300 Application For Official State University Registration Plate
MV-326 Application for Multi-Purpose Dealer Registration Plates
MV-349 Application for Vehicle Dealer Registration Plates for Dealers Licensed by Department of State
MV-350A Application for Additional Dealer Registration Plates or Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle Business Registration Plates
MV-350R Renewal or Replacement Request of Dealer Registration Plates
MV-351 Application for Temporary Registration Plates by Motor Vehicle Dealer or Full Agents
MV-351A Application for Replacement of Temporary Registration Plate
MV-353 Application for Replacement of Dealer or Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle Business Registration Plate, Card or Renewal Sticker
MV-359 Application for Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle Business Registration Plates
MV-369 Application for Vehicle Dealer Registration Plates for Vehicle Dealers Not Required to be Licensed by the Department
MV-371 Application for a Retired Person’s $10 Processing Fee on a Vehicle Registration
MV-373 Out-Of-State Leasing Company Bond
MV-375 Manufacturer/Full Agent/Card Agent/ Messenger Services/Salvor Bond Form
MV-377 Farm Equipment Dealer Registration Plate Request
MV-402 Application for sun screening certificate of exemption
MV-403 Application for Safety Inspection Mechanic Physical Disability Medical Exemption
MV-409 Application for Certification of Official Vehicle Safety Inspector
MV-409S Supplemental Certification Application for the Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspection Program
MV-421 County of Residence Verification
MV-426B Application for reconstructed, specially constructed, collectible, modified, flood, recovered theft vehicles and street rods
MV-435 Safety Inspection Certification for Motor Carrier Vehicles
MV-436A Inspection Sticker and Insert Order Form
MV-443 Listing of Safety Inspection Mechanics Per Station
MV-450 Application for Waiver of Hours
MV-473C Bureau of Motor Vehicles Application for Designation as Official Speed Timing Device Testing Station
MV-502 Application for Pennsylvania Auto-Emission Repair Technician Certification
MV-511B Requisition for Motor Vehicle Forms and Driver Publications
MV-511M On-Line Messenger Order Form
MV-512 Return Product Form
MV-516 Listing of Emission Inspection Mechanics Per Station
MV-549 Application for Registration Fee Exemption
MV-550 Apportioned Registration Application – Schedule A
MV-550A Registration Application Schedule for New Account (Single Vehicle Only)
MV-551 Pennsylvania Apportioned Registration Application – Schedule B
MV-552A Apportioned Registration Supplement Application
MV-555 Registration Application – Add Jurisdiction
MV-558 Replacement of Apportioned Registration Credentials
MV-576 Certificate of Authorization Application
MV-578 Declaration of Logging or Agricultural Use
MV-581 72 Hour Trip Reciprocity Permit Application
MV-587 Motor Carrier Temporary Apportioned Registration Application
MV-590 20 Day Hunter Permit Application
MV-591 Application for Certification as Official Speedometer Testing & Calibration or Official Speed Timing Device Mechanic
MV-610 Fleet Owner Transporter Plate Issuance Record
MV-615 Application for Fleet Owner Transporter Registration Plate
MV-670 Application to Establish a Fleet Account
MV-671 Replacement of Fleet Registration Credentials
MV-673 Fleet Registration Supplemental Application
MV-674 Application to Change Information on Fleet Account or Fleet Vehicle
MV-700 Application for Refund Motor Vehicle/Driver License Products
MV-729 Urban Mass Transportation System Title and Registration Fee Exemption Application
MV-903 Request for Carnival Registration Plate
MV-904 Application for Personalized, Amateur Radio Operator or Press Photographer Registration Plate
MV-904C Application For Personalized Commercial Registration Plate
MV-904D Application For Personalized Dealer Registration Plates
MV-904RL Application for Retired Legislator/Senator Registration Plate
MV-910 Application for Special Pennsylvania Steelworker Registration Plate
MV-911 Application for Special Fund Registration Plate
MV-912 Application for Gold Star Family Registration Plate
MV-914 Application For Honoring Our Veterans Special Fund Registration Plate
MV-915 Application for Teen Driver Special Registration Plate
MV-916 Application for In God We Trust Registration Plate
MV-950/MV-950A Notification of Assignment of Secured Interest in a Vehicle
MV-951 Application for Certificate of Authorization as a Salvor
MV-956 Salvor’s Application/Invoice for Settlement
MV-965 Risk Management Office Review form
MV-1005 Request for Optional Registration at a Weight Exceeding the GVWR
DL-135 Request for Vehicle Information

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