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Excellent Overall Experience

Been a proud member of PIADA since 2001. Hands down, one of the BEST investments my dealership has made. From supplies to the fast courteous staff when I am in need. PIADA’s director Reg Evans, and Robert Keyton State Lobbyist thrive to overachieve for the success of the independent dealer. Thank you for your support.

New Castle, PA
September 22, 2015

joe-eExcellent Overall Experience
Invigorating, informative and great return on investment.

Joe E
Essex, MD
September 22, 2015

tadExcellent Overall Experience

The convention was great value and good attendance. Sessions were informative and well attended

Tad A
Corry, PA
September 20, 2015

pinnacleExcellent Overall Experience

PIADA is an trade specific organization that has evolved into a exceptional association that is invaluable. Many of the accomplishments and needed changes on behalf of the dealers in PA were performed by this association. This could not have been done without the collective efforts of independent dealers uniting as an association! There are countless other benefits for which the scope of this review does not allow me to elaborate, with the exception of one. During one of the conventions, a member shared an idea that made me as a dealer, tens of thousands more dollars per year as a dealer.

Kenneth Moore
Jeannette, PA
September 16, 2015


Excellent Overall Experience

Been a member for a while very happy to be part of.

Lakeview R
Erie, PA
September 16, 2015

rsz_corry_auto_dealers_exchangeExcellent Overall Experience

We have been a long time supporter and member of PIADA. In today’s regulatory environment we see invaluable need for this organization.

Tad A
Corry, PA
September 16, 2015

advantageExcellent Overall Experience

The best $$$ you can spend as an independent car dealer. Take a few minutes and see what PIADA has to offer.

Advantage Auto Sales & Credit
September 15, 2015

mountvilleExcellent Overall Experience

Great bang for the buck, as a dealer you cannot spend better dollars then to be part of PIADA

Mountville Motor Sales
Columbia, PA
September 15, 2015

zimmermanExcellent Overall Experience

PIADA has been a big help at many levels over the years. Every dealer in our state should be a part of this association! Strength is in numbers and we all need each other! We have a great staff that will do anything for the dealers! Good work by all!

Zimmerman’s Auto Sales
September 15, 2015

mansourExcellent Overall Experience

How can you possibly put into a short paragraph all that such a dynamic association like the PIADA does for us as dealers on a daily basis. I have been an active member of the PIADA for over 15 years and currently I am serving as Vice President of the association. In our industry it isn’t an option to NOT be ahead of our competition on a daily basis. PIADA is not only there for any “every day” questions you may have when running your business but also is constantly representing you the independent dealers best interests on the hill.

PIADA is a full spectrum association from documents to legislature, PIADA has you covered. JOIN NOW.

Michael Mansour
September 14, 2015

carconnectionExcellent Overall Experience

As a past President and former Chairman of the board of the PIADA there is not enough that I could possibly say to let my fellow dealers know how imperative, informative and what a tremendous asset it is to be an active member of the PIADA! Our industry is changing on a daily basis and without the benefits of and representation by the PIADA your dealership stands the chance to be left behind the times. Stay ahead of the curve and become a member of the most up to date, informative and pro-active dealer association around. JOIN NOW!

Joe Pantone – General Manager / Controller
Car Connection Superstore Inc.
September 14, 2015